Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 on a RAID 0 array

This is a follow-up to a previous post on getting Ubuntu to work on a RAID 0 array. As usual, I make no guarantees that this will work for you. Be sure you have backups before you attempt this.

The good news: installation of Ubuntu 10.04 (using the alternate installer) to my RAID 0 array was able to finish without any problems, unlike in 9.10 where it stopped at the GRUB installation step. The bad news is that upon rebooting, I was greeted by a GRUB Error 15.

Fortunately this can be fixed by manually installing GRUB.

  1. Boot the Ubuntu 10.04 alternate installer CD. Select Rescue a broken system.
  2. Follow the dialogs, making sure you Yes to the activate RAID devices prompt, until you get to the Enter rescue mode dialog. Select your root partition and on the next dialog, choose Execute a shell in your-selected-root-partition
  3. Enter the following in the command line:

        # update-grub
        # grub-install your-RAID-0-device
        # exit

    Where your-RAID-0-device is where your RAID 0 array is mapped (/dev/mapper/isw_abc_RAID in my previous post). The second line installs GRUB on the MBR.

  4. Select Reboot the system and you should be able to boot into your Ubuntu 10.04 installation.

Let me know if this works for you.